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Creating a Platform Of Our Dreams To Propel Things To The Sky. 


About Us

With Unique Challenges And Problems Coming To The Forefront, We Were Once Doubtful About Our Very Existence. But Thanks To The Power Of Will And Determination, Xcor Aerospace Is Here To Change Things For The Better. The Backing Of Credible Services And The Power Of Resources Drives Us Forward To Achieve Our Goals And Objectives.


Understanding The Fundamental Essence Of Pioneering Ahead With The Implementation Of Services
That Are Known To Leave The Right Form Of Impact.

Aerospace Instruments

A Complete Set Of Instruments That Move Forward To Be Ideal Tools And Resources Are Crafted To Perfection By Capable Hands And Minds. 

Satelite Communications

Enabling The Very Aspect Of Reach Through Communication Services Which Are Well Equipped To Provide All That You Need. 

Aircraft Technology

Leading Forward With The True Meaning Of Advancement As Innovation And Technology Have Always Centred Around All That We Do. 

Trust the locals services at the highest level

The Primary Line Of Trust Begins When You Understand Our Potential And Figure Out The Extent Of Advancement That We Are Capable Of Achieving.

Rocket Engine Terminology

Decoding The Essentials That Push Things Forward With The Main Aim Revolving Around
Development, Sustainability And a Future Of Possibilities. 

Hybrid Rockets

Exploring The Nature Of The Different Phases Of The Hybrid Rocket With a Keen Eye Towards Enhancing The Same Through Advanced Steps And Methods.


Reaching The Level Of Growth With The Good Old Liquid-Propellant Rockets That Have Always Managed To Be a Crucial Element During Various Moments Of Success.

Aircraft Services

A Credible List Of Services That Move Forward To Meet The Desired Level Of Outcome. 

Ground Handling

Enabling The Different Stages Of Development During The Period Of Servicing That Is Well Adapted Towards Increasing Performance.

Aviation Services

Promoting The Many Activities Of Aviation By Bringing On Board Effective And Efficient Resources That Are Capable Of Handling Every Single Task. 

Flight Support

Establishing a Complete System Of Support That Takes Everything Into Account Through Different Means And Methods. 

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“Xcor Aerospace Is Truly a Mark Of Progress As They Are Well-Advanced
And Qualified To Achieve Different Targets And Goals.”
Stephen D. George

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