#TBT Vintage aeroplane of the week: The Mighty Red Baron

In today’s #TBT post, Alan Jones celebrates the Fokker Red Baron, possibly the most distinctive vintage craft ever built:



“The Fokker was built as a regular dogfighter for Germany in the first world war, one of the first real fighting planes in the world. It’s instantly recognizable thanks to the triple-decker wing designs, and the Red Baron’s signature color scheme. In fact, it’s hard to picture the plane without a bright red coat of paint, apologies to the factory workers whose hard work was immediately covered up by Herr Von Richthofen. He reportedly shot down around 70 Allied pilots in this craft, and it’s a popular figure of legend to this day. That’s also partly because not one of these planes actually survived the war. Needless to say, the Allies did everything they could to eliminate what was one formidable threat. One especially cool story about this plane that grabbed my imagination: a man in England, Paul Ford, has spent the last few years perfecting a working replica of this plane even without the best helmet for welders and other necessary tools, and flying it around the countryside. After a few false starts and crash landings, it’s now the star of the show at a re-enacted dogfight between the Fokker and a restored (original, no less!) Tiger plane. Here’s to the triple decker, and long may it reign supreme in our imagination!”


Writen by Jonah Greene